How to take advantage of Swift and UIKit to create insanely great apps for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
1st Edition 2021
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1st Edition 2021
ISBN: 978-1-7779782-0-4
More than 700 Codes Explained!
More than 250 Projects!
Learn to develop applications with UIKit today!
UIKit remains the preferred framework for professional developers to create and design mobile applications for Apple devices. This year, the framework has received a major update that completely overhauls the way applications are developed.

The Swift language has also received a major update with Swift Concurrency, which allows us to program asynchronous and concurrent code to take advantage of the multiple cores available in Apple Silicon chips (M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max).

UIKit for Masterminds guides you step by step to create applications for iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers with all the new features incorporated into the UIKit framework and the Swift language.

After reading this book, you will know how to program in Swift, how to design user interfaces with UIKit and Storyboards, and how to work with the most powerful frameworks available for app development.

This book is a comprehensive course on how to build applications for Apple devices. Each chapter explores basic and complex concepts; from computer programming and the Swift language to everything you need to know to develop an application from scratch. The information is supported by practical examples that gradually introduce the technologies involved and make them accessible to everyone.

UIKit for Masterminds was designed to prepare you for the future and was written for the mastermind in you.

More than 700 Codes Explained!
More than 250 Projects!
Everything you need to know!
Introduction to Computer Programming | Introduction to Swift 5.5 | Swift Paradigm | Concurrency | Foundation Framework | UIKit Framework | Auto Layout | Size Classes | Navigation Controllers | Scroll Views | Stack Views | Table Views | Collection Views | Split View Controller | Alert Views | Notifications | Files | Archiving | Core Data | iCloud | CloudKit | AVFoundation | Camera and Photo Library | Map Kit | Web Kit Views | Gesture Recognizers | Timers | Operation Queues | Error Handling | Image and Video | Mac Catalyst and more!
Learn by examples!
Introduction to Swift 5.5
Learn how a computer program works and how to use the Swift language to create any application you want. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 provide an introduction to app development and the Swift language to prepare you for the rest of the book. You will learn how to create simple programs in Swift and how to work with the Swift programming paradigm.
Create Adaptive User Interfaces
Learn how to use Auto Layout and Size Classes to design user interfaces that adapt to the size of the screen and the space available. Chapter 6 explains how to adapt constraints, elements and fonts to create an interface that works on multiple devices.
Create Universal Applications
Learn how to use Mac Catalyst to create applications that work and adapt to every device, including iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.
Store information with Core Data and iCloud
Learn how to work with Core Data to store large amounts of data. Synchronize Core Data with iCloud using CloudKit to let your users share information among devices.
Create Concurrent Code
Learn how to use Swift concurrency to create code that takes advantage of the new Apple multi-core processors, including M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max.
Display Maps and Routes
Learn how to use Mapkit to display locations and let your users find places and plan routes to get to one location from another. Combine sensors to establish the user's location and determine the user's position and activity.
Display Pictures and Videos
Learn how to use the AV Foundation framework to create a custom video player and how to process pictures from the Camera and the Photo Library.
What our readers are saying
Excellent! From beginner to expert!
"I've been a full time, professional custom software developer 20 years. I learned exclusively by studying books like this. THIS MAY BE THE BEST BOOK I'VE EVER READ on software development. He takes you from 0s & 1s (the beginning) through complex programming. He covers *everything* including user interfaces, internet connectivity, data storage including local databases. He thoroughly covers graphics and visual effects. And more. He provides examples that he expects you to work through. They really WORK! He teaches like a college professor. He starts with very simple concepts. As he teaches, in his examples that you reproduce he increasingly expects you to know (remember) how to do what he already taught you. Little by little, the applications you reproduce get more and more complex."
Best organized, most comprehensive book I've found on this subject by far!
"I'm totally new to iOS apps, Swift and Xcode. Struggling for months to find a resource like this. So much stuff out there is outdated and disorganized. This book is exactly what I needed. It is thorough and very useful for me as a newbie, but I can see that it will be of great benefit even when I have gotten much higher on the learning curve. I'm by no means a Mastermind, but with this book I may eventually become one!"
Amazing Reference Material
"I bought this as a download. It was so good that I decided to buy it in print too. It’s huge. The size of a Yellow Pages. I love it. It starts off as a good read and then very quickly becomes complex. It’s more of a reference book in my opinion. Not something you’d read from beginning to end unless you have a few decades free! It covers everything from the basics of variables, if statements, loops etc and then gets into gestures, UI alerts, API stuff and loads more. In fact it covers absolutely everything relating to Xcode 10 and swift 4. Say you’re making an app and need to know how to implement some audio then look it up in the book and it’ll tell you. A great reference book. There are better books for learning coding in ‘dummies’ terms so if you’re new to coding I’d recommend learning some basics before jumping into this. But this is a book you can’t afford to not have in your collection. So glad I got the download and paper version."
Use the great working online free builds as you do your training.
"What a great set of resources. The online files that run in Xcode are brilliant. The DIY sections are really useful and bring the code to life on your emulator. And it’s up to date as far as Xcode and swift are concerned so the code actually builds successfully. I read it on my kindle and practice by the side on my Mac."
Great book
"Great book, and for a great price! Really well written - covers just about everything you’d need to know."
Step by Step
Learn only what you need when you need it. Each technology is introduced with examples that only implement what you already know, so you can focus on the new topic and effortlessly understand how it all works.
Learn everything you need to develop professional applications. From the basics of computer programming to the most advanced technologies available today.
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